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Popular Mountain Village
Мала църква Реф. номер: MV531
€ 25000
401 м2 (62.34 €/м2) Парцел

Popular Mountain Village Mala Tsarkva village, a very popular mountain village, offers you this plot, close to the centre. Although this property is not yet regulated, due to the location, this property should not be hard to get regulated. The mains are not connected, but they are located on the road about 10 m from the plot. After the very recent change in the Super Borovets project, such plots n...

Regulated Plot Govedartsi!
Говедарци Реф. номер: MV484
€ 61000
700 м2 (87.14 €/м2) Парцел

Regulated plot in the heart of the popular mountain village of Govedartsi Nestled in-between the mountains and existing houses, this flat plot is in the heart of Govedartsi Village. This plot is 700 m² in size, and is regulated, thus making it easy to get building permission. There is very good possibility of connecting phones, water and cable TV to the plot. The plot is flat and a very good ...

Short of half an acre plot!
Бели Искър Реф. номер: MV470
€ 90500
1810 м2 (50 €/м2) Парцел

1 810 SQ.M PLOT WITH MARVELOUS VIEWS Set right into the prospected future small hotel zone, revealing magnificent views to the deep green forests of Rila Mountains and its snowy peaks, this is a great offer certainly worth a thought or two. The plot measures spacious 1 810 m², plenty of space for a great holiday venue to be built, which not only be a perfect place for summer and winter holida...

*Near All Top Tourist Areas!*
Рельово Реф. номер: BB262
€ 32000
765 м2 (41.83 €/м2) Парцел

Good Value Plot in Regulation Not Far from Borovets resort and Top Spa! This plot offers not only great value for money, but proximity to some of these areas best resorts and tourist locations. Only 2kms away from this is the famous Belchinski Bani spa. Here you can find swimming pools and a wide range of top quality spa treatments. Plot size is a good 765 m² and it is very close to all mains...

Next To Swimming Pool Complex!
Белчински бани Реф. номер: BB250
€ 73800
3440 м2 (21.45 €/м2) Парцел

Good Value Development Plot Very Close to Top Mineral Spa Swimming Pool Complex! This plot would be perfect for a multiple unit development due to its large size and very good location. This particular area is very popular and famous for its high quality mineral water and in fact, this plot is only 200 m away from a swimming pool complex that actually uses this water. This would of course give any...

Бели Искър Реф. номер: MV220
€ 58500
1300 м2 (45 €/м2) Парцел

Land in Borovets! 1/3rd of an Acre only 300-400m from 2 Ski Lifts! This well located Borovets plot has the possibility of being split up into smaller plots to be sold off or to be developed. As mentioned just above, the great plus point of this plot is the fact that it is only 300-400m from both of Beli Iskar's 4-chair lifts! Plots are getting harder to find in Beli Iskar now as the locals rea...

20 m From Chair Lifts!
Бели Искър Реф. номер: MV219
€ 81000
1800 м2 (45 €/м2) Парцел

1/2 an Acre only 20m away from Beli Iskar Chair lift! Our closest offer to lifts! This is the closest plot available for sale to the new proposed Beli Iskar 4 chair lifts. Therefore, it need to be snapped up straight away. The potential and value for money on offer here is huge! For an equivalent in the Alps, the prices there would be prohibitive. Plot size is a good 1800 m² and could host a ...

5 Bed House + Internet Cafe!
Долна баня Реф. номер: DB212
€ 65000
жилище - 291.00 м2, земя - 450.00 м2 Ресторант, Бар Къща Търговски имот

Bargain Commercial and Residential Opportunity in Centre of Top Spa Town! Cafe, Shop and Living Premises! What huge potential is on offer here! It's the perfect opportunity if you would like to relocate to Bulgaria- something, which is now very popular, and want to start a business as well. The price is also rock bottom as well at only 65 000 EUR! The three-storied property totals 291 m² ...

Етаж от къща близо до центъра на Самоков!

Eтаж от къща с гараж и двор в близост до центъра на град Самоков! Този имот има отлично местоположение в близoст до оживения център на град Самоков. Имотът има отличен достъп до всички удобства, тъй като е само на десет минути път с кола от Боровец и е в непосредствена близост до...

Виж повече
Маджаре Реф. номер: MV253
€ 532500
жилище - 3308.00 м2, земя - 10210.00 м2 Парцел Парцел Търговски имот

Land near Borovets! *AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!* Over 10, 000m2 of Prime Development Land in Between 2 Highly Popular Mountain Villages! *ATTENTION ALL INVESTORS AND DEVELOPERS!* This is a great find made by our team of local property finders! It is not everyday that we see over 10, 000m2 of potential development land, in one of the best areas in the Borovets region, come up for sale. In fact, such amaz...

With Barn!
Маджаре Реф. номер: MV203
€ 86000
жилище - 84.00 м2, земя - 652.00 м2 Къща Вила

Mountain Village Property close to Borovets with Large Barn! The potential on offer here is huge. Not only do you get a house with this offer but also there is also a 2-storied traditional barn, which is over 100 m² in size. It could be converted in extra accommodation to be rented out to holidaymakers. The house itself is 84 m² in size and the ground consists of a good-sized kitchen, li...

Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI181
€ 152832
4776 м2 (32 €/м2) Парцел

Over 1 Acre Next To Lake Iskar with COMMERCIAL Potential! Fancy setting up a business in one of the most beautful areas in Bulgaria, and make a great investment at the same time? If so, then you should seriously consider this great offer. Available for sale is 4776 m² of land, bordering the main Samokov-Ihtiman road. This road will soon be completely redone so that it connects with the capita...

Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI180
€ 110296
6488 м2 (17 €/м2) Парцел

HUGE BARGAIN LAKE ISKAR PLOT!! At 6488 m² in size, this plot is absolutely massive and definitely a rare find. You would have to pay twice the price for a 500m2 strip of mud in UK, but here you can actually make a great investment. This plot definitely ticks all the boxes for value, size and location! You could perhaps fit a hotel complex and/ or multiple unit development on this plot due to ...

1/2 Acre next to Lake Iskar!
Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI179
€ 63954
1881 м2 (34 €/м2) Парцел

Just under 1/2 Acre only 100m from Lake Iskar Beaches! This plot is a great find by our team of property finders. Only 100m away from a beach and next to a road, means access is good. The road that runs in front is due to be completely redone and will connect with Sofia-Ihtiman-Samokov-Borovets. There is going to be a fair amount of investment in this particular side of Lake Iskar (the Ihtiman sid...

Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI178
€ 71872
4492 м2 (16 €/м2) Парцел

*GREAT INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY! Over 1 Acre of LAKEFRONT Land!! Set right on Lake Iskar, this is a gold standard plot and a very rare find by our team! It's in a great setting, at the foothills of forested, snowy hills and overlooking the beautiful Lake Iskar. This plot really is the perfect setting for a multiple unit development. At no less than 4492 m² in size, it could ...

Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI176
€ 167203
4519 м2 (37 €/м2) Парцел

OVER 1 ACRE JUST 60M FROM A LAKE ISKAR BEACH!! Again, this plot has obvious development potential due to its very large size and brilliant location. Good access road runs through site, which would provide excellent access to multiple unit development. Sunbathe on Lake Iskar beaches in summer and head for Bulgaria's best ski slopes in winter. Arguably Bulgaria's best property location. Just...

Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI175
€ 165316
4468 м2 (37 €/м2) Парцел

**ATTENTION INVESTORS AND DEVELOPERS!** Over an Acre of Potential Development Land Next to Lake Iskar! There are plots and then there are plots like this one. Just look at what it offers: - Over 1 acre (4468) of potential development land. - It's 2 seconds walk from a Lake Iskar beach - Lake Iskar is THE Sofia summer resort, with sandy beaches, warm clean water and an extensive selection of wa...

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Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI172
€ 62460
3470 м2 (18 €/м2) Парцел

**ATTENTION INVESTORS AND DEVELOPERS!** 3 470 m² of Potential Development Land Next to Lake Iskar! There are plots and then there are plots like this one. Just look at what it offers: - 3470 m² of potential development land. - It's 2 seconds walk from a Lake Iskar beach - Lake Iskar is THE Sofia summer resort, with sandy beaches, warm clean water and an extensive selection of water s...

Prime Investment Opportunity
Самоков Реф. номер: S158
€ 310000
3000 м2 (103.33 €/м2) Парцел

Just under an acre near to New Samokov ski lifts! Just 500m down the road, the proposed Samokov ski lifts, as mentioned in the Super Borovets, will start- making this very large plot a prime investment opportunity. The flat plot is 3000m2 in size. Just imagine how many chalets you could fit on there! You could also split this plot up and sell it off as smaller ones. Once the ski lifts have been bu...

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