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Good located plot!
Бели Искър Реф. номер: MV578
€ 25000
1000 м2 - (25 €/м2) Парцел

Views from a hill! Nestled on a hill, overlooking the Beli Iskar Village, with perfect 360-degree views of the village, mountains and forest. Imagine taking these views in day in and day out. This 1 000 m² plot is not in regulation. The plot is located 5m from a secondary road, and 300–350 m from the main road between Beli Iskar and Borovets. The plot is neighboured by four other plots....

Plot on the edge of regulation
Бели Искър Реф. номер: MV576
€ 10624
332 м2 - (32 €/м2) Парцел

A flat Plot near the Village of Beli Iskar This is a very well located plot, which lies just outside Beli Iskar Village, in the Sokolets area. The plot is not in regulation. Plots in this area don’t hang about on the market for long, for the sheer location and views that they have to offer. This plot is 332 m² in size. The mains are not connected to the plot but are easily accessible as...

Borovets plot
Боровец Реф. номер: B569
€ 273105
5355 м2 - (51 €/м2) Парцел

Potential Development Plot near edge of Borovets resort! This is a great offer and the sort of plot that does not come available very often. We are pleased to offer for sale nearly an acre on close to the edge of Borovets resort. Development offers rarely come better than this and it will not hang around long. The Super Borovets project will affect this area with new great new facilities so it is ...

150 m from ski runs!
Боровец Реф. номер: B568
€ 755300
8300 м2 - (91 €/м2) Парцел

Prime Development plot 150m from Borovets ski run! Attention all investors and developers! This is a very rare offer that is around 100-150 m from the last hotel and ski run in Borovets resort. It is an incredibly rare offer in a beautiful setting on the edge of Borovets and already this prime area has new off-plan developments about to happen. At just 91 Euros per m2, it is a very low cost entry ...

A regulated plot in a forest setting!
Ново Село Реф. номер: LI567
€ 17500
500 м2 - (35 €/м2) Парцел

With a setting like this, nestled in tranquil location, with amazing views what more do you want. This plot is truly on of the best on the market. Located in the Novo Selo Village, this regulated plot is offering both spectacular views, and a beautiful location. Set on a hill, backed into a pine forest, with a tarmac road leading up to 10 m just before the plot. What an exquisite setting. Imagine ...

Potential Development Land
Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI566
€ 59300
2665 м2 - (22.25 €/м2) Парцел

Development potential in the Lake Iskar Area Potential like this doesn’t come around often. Set in amongst the forest, in the beautiful picturesque Lake Iskar area, with Lake Iskar itself only a stones throw away at 400 m from this plot, this is a brilliant investment opportunity for a year round development/holiday home, with everything you would ever need or want at your doorstep. Although...

Great golf plot offer
Долна баня Реф. номер: DB550
€ 118316
5378 м2 - (22 €/м2) Парцел Голф имот

Fantastic Find! Good sized plot in 'brown zone' of Ibar Golf course and REGULATED! Great investment offer! For any serious investor or potential developer, such a plot should be a serious consideration. Located on the edge of the 18 hole international standard golf course designed by the Nicklaus design company, these plots are incredibly hard to find. Not only that, but this is a fully re...

Regulated Ibar Golf course Plot!
Долна баня Реф. номер: DB549
€ 89144
4052 м2 - (22 €/м2) Парцел Голф имот

1 Acre in Ibar Golf Course planned 'building zone' and REGULATED! Very good investment and development potential. With access via an official secondary road and super views, this is certainly a rare offer. It is made even rarer by the fact that it is fully regulated and can be built upon! Being located in one of Bulgaria's most exciting new golf courses and for an incredibly good price...

Къща в Самоков с търговски потенциал!

Голяма къща с търговски потенциал и пленителни гледки в края на град Самоков! Имотът се намира в тих и спокоен район на града и предлага голяма жилищна площ. Леснодостъпен е през цялата година и една от причините, поради която бихте искали да закупите този имот е великолепната гл...

Виж повече
Great potential plot
Марица Реф. номер: DB548
€ 95664
5979 м2 - (16 €/м2) Парцел

Nestled between a town and a village! Nestled between the beautiful town of Dolna Banya, in the south west of Bulgaria, and the quite village of Maritsa, you will find an investors dream plot. The plot consists of 4 flat good sized plots, that will open doors of business opportunity to you, with 5 979 m², the world is your oyster of what you could use this plot for. It is currently not in reg...

Top Development Offer!
Язовир Искър Реф. номер: LI452
€ 319000
5600 м2 - (56.96 €/м2) Парцел

*STAR OFFER!* Regulated Land with Huge Development Potential! Very Rare Offer! Near Lake Iskar! This plot is definitely something we do not come across everyday. Located right on the main Sofia-Samokov/Borovets road, regulated. Plot is a very large 5600 m² in size, that is well over 1 acre. This means it is ideal for development into chalets, villas, a motel (of which there is a great shortag...

Широки Дол Реф. номер: S441
€ 17500
506 м2 - (34.58 €/м2) Парцел

Building plot next to a river! Peacefulness, typical village life and friendliness- those are the things that will first catch your attention. Located in a small village, close to the Rila mountains, this property combines the rural atmosphere with mountain flavour. This is a 506 m² plot, plenty of space for a nice cottage to be arranged. The plot is in regulations, which makes the building i...

Lovely Mountain Property
Говедарци Реф. номер: MV414
€ 70000
жилище - 80.00 м2, земя - 600.00 м2 Къща Вила

Quaint Cottage in Highly Popular Mountain Village! Located in one of the best villages in the area this could make someone a great ski base. Located among other good villas at the edge of a large but peaceful village, the setting ensures that this property will always be a good purchase. With the Super Borovets project drawing nearer and nearer, now is the time to invest before prices really rocke...

Райово Реф. номер: BB405
€ 25000
800 м2 - (31.25 €/м2) Парцел

Building plot with nice scenery Located in the vast plain, leading to the foots of the Rila mountain, this is a tranquil place, which reveals great rural views and it is so close to the mountains, that still you could feel the waft of the forests on your face. This is a plot of good 800 m² in regulation, excellent place to house a cute mountain chalet, that will have the advantage to be in a ...

Golf Plot!
Долна баня Реф. номер: DB377
€ 172983
15042 м2 - (11.5 €/м2) Парцел

Located close to the edge of the golf course and at only 11,5 Euros per m², this plot is an excellent offer! Plots in or this close to the new planned Dolna Banya golf course are now incredibly hard to come across so this one at only 11,5 Euros per m² is an excellent offer. No doubt it will not hang around long. Plot is a very large 15 042 m² in size, so more than adequate to do a m...

Долни Окол Реф. номер: LI354
€ 150000
жилище - 812.00 м2, земя - 2869.00 м2 Хотел Парцел Търговски имот

AMAZING OFFER! Very Large Former School and 3/4 of an Acre near Lake Iskar! Great Apartment Conversion potential! BUILDING COMES FREE! This an excellent find by our team and should not be missed by any investor or developer. Compared to many other offers in this area, this property offers unbeatable value for money and in fact, the building comes free. At around 50 Euros per m², the building ...

Commercial and Development Potential!
Продановци Реф. номер: S346
€ 63800
2352 м2 - (27.13 €/м2) Парцел

Over 1/2 an acre in between Samokov and Prodanovtsi village! Near Regulation boundary and on Main road! At 2352 m², this plot does have development potential. Because of it location on the main road, it could also be used for commercial purposes. At only 27 Euros per m², there is a potentially very large profit margin for any project. We would be pleased to recommend good builders to the...

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Regulated plot near Golf Course!
Долна баня Реф. номер: DB292
€ 43282
2546 м2 - (17 €/м2) Парцел

Over 1/2 an Acre Near Planned Dolna Banya Golf Course! Overlooking snow capped mountains and surrounded by beautiful scenery, this plot is an ideal place to have a development on. With its proximity to both Borovets and the planned Dolna Banya golf course, the location is highly desirable too. Price is a low 17 Euros per m², this plot is a bargain. With rock bottom prices like, the return on ...

Near Lake In Golf Area
Долна баня Реф. номер: DB290
€ 73056
4566 м2 - (16 €/м2) Парцел

Over 1 Acre in Golf Course Area near to Lake! Only 16 Euros per m²! In stunning lake area, this plot overlooks some fantastic scenery. This area is famed for its clear skies all year round, high ionisation and spa waters. Basically, it is a very healthy place to visit as well as invest in. For keen fishers, there is a good sized lake nearby which can be seen on photos to right. Plot is over 1...

2 Acres in Ibar Golf course!
Долна баня Реф. номер: DB547
€ 49188
7993 м2 - (6.15 €/м2) Парцел Голф имот

Dolna Banya Ibar Golf Course Plot! 2 Acres! Price per m2 is excellent. What a great find- 2 acres of prime investment and development land in Bulgaria's most sought after golf course. Plots are being snapped up quickly by everyone from shrewd investors to large companies. Why? Plots, such as this one, are located in the boundaries of the first Nicklaus designed 18 hour golf course with luxury ...

Долна баня Реф. номер: DB542
€ 343355
16749 м2 - (20.5 €/м2) Парцел

Regulated plot with favourable building allowances! Near Ibar Golf Course! Set in the tranquil area of Dolna Banya, with one (or maybe two if you need practise) swings of a golf club to the new proposed golf course. With the back drop of the Rila mountains, and one of the a the areas famous mineral springs just 500 m away, and 70 0m from the town centre, what an ideal place to set up a holiday hom...

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