Building plot next to a river!

Peacefulness, typical village life and friendliness- those are the things that will first catch your attention. Located in a small village, close to the Rila mountains, this property combines the rural atmosphere with mountain flavour.

This is a 506 m² plot, plenty of space for a nice cottage to be arranged. The plot is in regulations, which makes the building issues even easier to handle.

The whole area is really tranquil, so you could thoroughly relax and enjoy your time here. To make things even better is the crystal bubbling mountain river only 10 min walk from the plot.

Mains are not connected at present, however this is a matter, that could be solved fast, since the connections are just next in the neighbours.

Location and Local Attractions

Shiroki dol village is a small mountain village, which has welcomed the modern life, but has preserved the old friendly attitude. As everywhere in the mountains people have learned to have warm hearts in the cold winter days and nights and the make everyone welcome.

Still if you start to miss the dynamic of the city life you could at once be in the middle of the lively Samokov town or in the packed with tourist Borovets resort.
Borovets is one of Europe's best winter resorts and offers plenty of winter activities, restaurants, bars and discos. It is located only 18 km from the village itself, so it could be reached in short-time.

Major plus is that the Belchinski bani spa offer recharging treatment all year long and in combination with the fresh Rilla mountain air and healthy hiking, this place could be certainly turned into a year-round holiday venue.

Sofia and the International airport are only 52 km away, to make things even better.

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Реф. номер: S441
Тип на имота: Парцел
Площ на земята: 506 m2
Комисион: % Без комисионна


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€ 17500 Площ на земята: 506 m2 % Без комисионна

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Реф. номер: S441 При обаждане, моля посочете референтния номер на имота. +359 885 250496 +359 722 66731
Красимир Фунтаров Управител и старши брокер офис Самоков
+359 885 250496
бул. Искър №117, гр. Самоков
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