Имоти в Полянци за продажба и под наем

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Искаш да продадеш твоя имот в Полянци? Ние можем да ти помогнем. Обяви го при нас!
намерени оферти
Take Two!
Полянци Реф. номер: LI604
€ 88000
жилище - 190.00 м2, земя - 650.00 м2 Къща Вила

No, you are not seeing double, here are two brilliant offers just waiting to be snatched up, and hurry because they wont stay on the market for long! We are offering to you two off the plan 3 double bedroom houses HOT on the market, located in the beautiful, picturesque village of Polyantsi. Both houses are mirror images of each other, with equally breathtaking views of the stunning Rila mountains...

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