Near Lake In Golf Area

Over 1 Acre in Golf Course Area near to Lake! Only 16 Euros per m²!
In stunning lake area, this plot overlooks some fantastic scenery. This area is famed for its clear skies all year round, high ionisation and spa waters. Basically, it is a very healthy place to visit as well as invest in.

For keen fishers, there is a good sized lake nearby which can be seen on photos to right. Plot is over 1 acre in size at 4 566 m² and it is regulated. It is large enough for development or could be split up into smaller plots to sell off. Either way, this plot has a lot of potential and due to the excellent price and proximity to golf course, it is also a good candidate for potential development.

Location and Local Attractions

Only 600m from a beautiful lake, the setting of this plot is great. Surround the plot are rolling hills and the Rila mountains, which have been completely unspoilt. It is no wonder that this area is becoming increasingly popular. Add to that the fact that a 2,000,000 m² golf course is to be built 3kms away, this plot is also a very good investment. This golf course is set to boost tourism massivly to this beautiful spa region and as a result, property prices will shoot up. But at only 16 Euros per m², this plot is excellent value for money.
900 m away is the edge of the spa town of Dolna Banya and town centre is 3 kms away. Here you can find a very wide range of amenities and spa facilities. Already a popular tourist destination because of the high quality spa facilities, this area is the place to buy into. All year round potential is available too.
In summer there are of course the mountains and extensive spa facilities to enjoy (and in future the golf course) but in winter, Borovets ski resort is only 22 kms away. Samokov town is 30 kms away and the capital of Sofia is 80kms away.

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Реф. номер: DB290
Тип на имота: Парцел
Площ на земята: 4566 m2
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Красимир Фунтаров Управител и старши брокер офис Самоков
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