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От Malcolm Saunders , изпратено на 4 май 2022 г.

Hi Krasi, Excellent service. Was a tough sale, that’s for sure. Warmest regards mal

От Russell King , изпратено на 12 апр 2022 г.

Hello Asya Congratulations on your hard work! Thanks again dear.

От Tarek , изпратено на 25 ное 2021 г.

Hi Krasi, yes I have just checked, many thanks for everything you are so professional hope to see you if I come to Borovets or if you come to Egypt you are welcome.

От Paul , изпратено на 7 окт 2021 г.

Good afternoon Asya,
The transfer of funds has shown in the UK account today concluding our business.
Many I take this opportunity to personally thank you for the easiest and stress free sell of a property that I have ever been involved with. I wish you and all members of your team all the best for the future.
Yours most great full

От Sarah , изпратено на 1 дек 2020 г.

Dear Asya,

Just to let you know that the money has arrived in our bank account.

Can we just thank you for all your help and advice in selling our property. You have offered a fantastic service and made the whole process as easy as possible.

Wishing you all the best for the future,

Kind regards, Sarah

От David Bell , изпратено на 12 ное 2019 г.

Dear Krasi,

Thank you for your below e-mail and your services during this process – you have been efficient, polite and professional through out and made the whole matter easy of selling a property at arms-length easy and stress free.

If you would like me to provide any references I would be more than happy to do...

Kind regards

От Leslie Worsfold , изпратено на 14 окт 2019 г.

Hi Krasi,

The transfer of house sale funds arrived at 11-45 am today, thank you. I would replace the word good for excellent in your dealing with this sale, your speed and ability to move the sale forward to its end would shame most estate agents in the UK.
Thank you again.

Best regards, Les

От Leslie Worsfold , изпратено на 26 сеп 2019 г.

Hi Krasi,

...My wife says we need estate agents like you in UK, because you are in constant contact with information and speed of service. Thank you.

Best regards

От Patricia & Philippe , изпратено на 5 сеп 2019 г.

Dear Krasi,

Many thanks for that...

Once again thank you for the extremely efficient and pleasant way you did everything and we’ll definitely be back to you in the future.

All the very best

Patricia & Philippe

От Debbie Taylor , изпратено на 17 авг 2019 г.

Hi Krasi,

Thank you. Monies received. Just to say thank you so much for your help with the sale.

Best wishes for the future.

Kind regards,
Debbie Taylor

От Carol Sizer , изпратено на 20 юни 2019 г.

Hi Krasi and Elena,

The funds have been received, thank you and thanks for everything. I am truly satisfied with your service. Your attention and care has been really good and I shall highly recommend you.

Kindest regards

От Ian Brackstone , изпратено на 20 юни 2019 г.

Hi Krasi,

Many thanks the money has arrived ok.
Thank you for your help in making it very easy to sell the property.

Kind regards

От Sharon Mcgonigle , изпратено на 13 мар 2019 г.


That's great.

The service has been very good. Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes,

От Eleni Malatou , изпратено на 13 мар 2019 г.

Hi Krasi,

Thank you very much for the smooth execution of the sale...

All ok. Thanks again for the immaculate service!

Best Regards,

От Lynne & Mike , изпратено на 26 фев 2019 г.

Hi Krasi

Funds have been received thank you. We were more than happy with your company and the straight forward transaction - thanks again,

Kind Regards
Lynne & Mike

От Steve Calland-Scoble , изпратено на 23 фев 2019 г.

Hi Krasi,

Thanks for the information sent last week on the day of the signing with the notary.

The funds were transferred into my account on Monday and everything is as agreed...

I think that is all for now. Thanks again for your great service!


От Linda , изпратено на 12 ное 2018 г.


Thank you for all your prompt emails and help with the sale and everything has gone smoothly.


От Martin , изпратено на 8 ное 2018 г.

Hi Krasi,

Can I offer my thanks to you during this process, you have made it far easier than I expected. It was fast and smooth and you were really helpful throughout. I would recommend you without hesitation.


От Valentin , изпратено на 10 авг 2018 г.

Zdravej Asja,
Iskam da Ti blagodarja za profesionalizma i korektnosta.
Za mene beshe goljamo udovolsvie da rabotja s Tebe i Skiproperties po tazi sdelka.
Pozdravi i pozelavam oshte mnogo uspehi.

От Dragana , изпратено на 28 юни 2018 г.

Dear Asya,

Thank you, working with you was real pleasure. You are really very professional.

Thank you once again and all the best


От Alexandr , изпратено на 13 юни 2018 г.

Privet Spasibo eshte raz! Dumayu esli bui vse Bolgari rabotali s Russkimi kak Vui mui bui dostigli bolshih uspehov vmeste!!! Ochen nadeyus chto situatsiya izmenitsya! Mui v Rossii vsegda radui videt druzej iz Bolgarii!!! Vsem privetui Spasibo!

S uvajeniem, Alexandr

От Spencer and Natasha , изпратено на 13 юни 2018 г.

Hi Asya,

Many thanks for your excellent and professional service both personally and from Skiproperty.bg... We will also come to see you in October to thank you personally...

Best regards
Spencer and Natasha

От Hattie , изпратено на 9 юни 2018 г.

... thank you Krasi - it was all very professional.


От Roy & Fiona , изпратено на 14 май 2018 г.

Hi Krasi,

Thank you very much for closing the company.

Just like to say that since buying Flora apartment from you all those years ago and all dealings since
you and your company have been very helpful, efficient and professional.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anybody considering Bulgarian property.

All the Best

Roy & Fiona

От Simon , изпратено на 23 окт 2017 г.

Hi Asya,

Just to let you know the funds have arrived as instructed. Thanks again for all your help with the property sale, you have been professional and helpful throughout. If you ever need a recommendation I would be happy to help. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

All the best,

От Alexandros , изпратено на 26 апр 2017 г.


I would like thank you for your work and efforts during our cooperation. You were more than helpful and it really was a pleasure knowing you. I hope I'll see you again someday. Have a nice summer!

With appreciation


От Nigel , изпратено на 14 дек 2016 г.

Selling via skipropertyBG was very straightforward. Krasi is always quick to respond to emails and takes the time to give clear explanations of the sales process. He also deals with all matters in a professional, honest and efficient manner. I would recommend skipropertyBG without hesitation.

От Simon , изпратено на 12 окт 2016 г.

Hi Asya

Many thanks yourself and SkipropertyBG have been excellent in the years I have owned the property and Really efficient and professional whilst dealing with this sale.

Thanks again

От Tadhg , изпратено на 26 сеп 2016 г.

Hello Krasi,

Thanks for your help in dealing with our property.
It was very professional all the way through.

Kind Regards


От Elena , изпратено на 26 сеп 2016 г.

Uvajaema Asya,

Bolshoe spasibo za vashu rabotu. Vse proshlo buistro i na visokom profesionalnov urovne.

S uvajeniemq Elena

От Barry , изпратено на 21 юни 2016 г.

Hi Asya,

Great news that all has gone well with the admin, due to all your effort and time. We're very grateful indeed....

All the best and thanks again for your very professional helpful assistance.

Cheers Barry :-)

От Cliff , изпратено на 29 окт 2015 г.


Thank you for an excellent job...


От Karen , изпратено на 12 окт 2015 г.

Ski Property Bulgaria

We are an English couple who decided to purchase a holiday home in Bulgaria and were helped with this process by Krasi of the above company.

We understand this can be a very daunting process when large sums of money and foreign transactions are concerned.

We therefore decided to leave this letter with Krasi at the successful conclusion of our purchase.

If you have any queries about the company we can reassure you it is fully legitimate and professionally run from initial viewing to completion.

Obviously this could have been written by anyone, so, if you would like further clarification then please do feel free to contact

UK telephone 07799 354 085


От John and Sarah , изпратено на 26 сеп 2015 г.

Dear Krasi,

Many thanks for the final documents and closure of ....... LTD.

We would, also like to thank you very much for the helpful and efficient service that you have provided in this matter.

Thank you once again.

Best regards,

John and Sarah.

От Denis , изпратено на 4 сеп 2015 г.

Spasibo Ivan, Ochen builo priyatno imet s Vami delo... Budu vsem rekomendovat Vashu firmu... Denis

От Stefaan & Anneleen , изпратено на 31 авг 2015 г.


many thanks for the superbe service you did

kind regards

Stefaan & Anneleen

От Barry , изпратено на 7 авг 2015 г.

Hi Asya

Very many thanks for the superfast and efficient way you have dealt with the apartment sale.

Have a great weekend

Best wishes - Barry

От Julie , изпратено на 29 юни 2015 г.

Dear Asya,

Thank you!!
As always, the help and professionalism of Yourself and Lina, at Bansko SkipropertyBG, has been first class.

Best Regards


От Emma , изпратено на 17 юни 2015 г.


Thanks for all your help. I appreciate the professional and prompt service.

Kind Regards


От Lyubo , изпратено на 2 окт 2014 г.

Zdravei Asya

Iskam da ti blagodarya ot nasha strana za tsyalata pomosht i otzivchivost, koyato ni okaza prez tsyaloto vreme. Mnogo sme dovolni ot teb lichno i agentsiyata! S udovolstvie bihme vi preporuchali i na drugi klienti.

Pozdravi i priyatna vecher,

От Miro , изпратено на 13 юли 2013 г.

Zdravei Asq,

Az sashto iskam da ti blagodaria za sadeistvieto I profesionalnata rabota po pokupkata na nashia apartament.


От Ariana , изпратено на 13 юли 2013 г.

Hi Asya,

Just to let you know that we received the funds – thank you making the sale so straightforward :)


Ariana White

От Richard , изпратено на 28 юни 2013 г.

Hi Asya, hope you're well.

Funds have now been received. Many thanks for your service it has been very professional from start to finish and I wish you all the best.


От Spence and Natasha , изпратено на 8 яну 2013 г.

Hello Aysa and Skipropertys-bg,

I would like to thank you for your very professional service that you recently provided to me and my wife with purchasing a property In Bansko and also In assisting us with getting a kitchen fitted within the apartment. We have found Skipropertys-BG and you to be very professional, reliable, helpful and friendly. Having previously purchased 2 apartments in Golden Sands using a British based estate agent we have found this Bansko transaction to be completed more smoothly, professionally and with more support and less stress. I would fully recommended you and Skipropertys-bg.

Many thanks and I hope to do more business with you in the future.

Spence and Natasha.

От Trisha , изпратено на 26 окт 2012 г.

Hi Krasi,

I would like to say that the service provided by SkipropertyBG has been exemplary and second to none. The most reassuring feature has been your complete openness and honesty throughout the process and I would not have any hesitation in recommending you in the highest terms.

Thanks again for all your assistance,


От Helen , изпратено на 29 сеп 2012 г.

Hi Asya

Thank you very much for this, that is all good to hear.

Thank you again for all your great service, you have been of great help to me and I have recommended your services to all who own apartments at Panorama.

I wish you all the very best for the future and it has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

All the very best

Kind regards


От Steve , изпратено на 11 окт 2011 г.

Hello Asya

I would like to thank you for everything you have done to make this transaction smooth and trouble free, you have provided an excellent service.

We wish you the very best for the future.

Kind regards


От Boris , изпратено на 17 май 2011 г.

Hello Asya,

I'm very grateful to your agency for the service and to you personally for your genius attitude and help. It was really nice to have this deal done with you! A number of my friend will visit Bansko, and I will definitely recommend your agency to them, if they want to buy something.

Best regards, Boris

От Alistair , изпратено на 17 май 2011 г.

Hi Krasi,

Just a note to say how pleased we are with your service.

Thanks again


P.S. Perhaps we will meet again in the not toooo distant future !!! Cheers

От Geoff , изпратено на 23 окт 2007 г.

Dear Emma

I must say that I have appreciated your frankness and honesty throughout this process – I can certainly recommend you to other people and would have no hesitation in dealing with the company again.

От Glen , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.

Thanks for all your help boys, enjoyed the trip loved the country side and very impressed with standard of finish on apartment.

Best wishes, Glen

От Sarah and Chris , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.

Good Afternoon Lina

Just a quick hello and to say thank you all again for all the help and information you have given us. We are both pleased with the apartment and are now looking for some land or an old house to do up, in Bansko. Chris and I have fallen in love with Bansko and the surrounding area and are seriously thinking of selling up over here in the UK and moving to Bansko!

Best regards, Sarah and Chris

От Ricardo and Nina , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.

Dear Skibg

Thanks you very much for all your nice emails. We appreciate the way you work.

Best Regards,

Ricardo and Nina

От Paula , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.

Also I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your team for all your assistance throughout this process your service has been first class and I have been most impressed, I will definitely recommend you to anyone considering buying property in Bulgaria

Wishing you all well

От Nigel & Wendy , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.

Hi Elina

Thanks you so much for accommodating us over last weekend - it was lovely to finally meet you. You made us very welcome and we hope you are feeling better now.

Kind regards

Nigel & Wendy

От Yogesh , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.

Let me take this opportunity of wishing you a happy and a prosperous 2007.

I returned from Bansko on 30th December. You may have received a call or an email from Lena. We have provisionally booked a 1 bedroom appartment (Apt. 4 - 1 bed,) on the second floor of Block B. Lena was an absolute professional and knew her subject very well. Realising that we had so little time she identified some key properties in a very short space of time and expedited the viewing and all transactions within a matter of hours. You and Lena will be pleased to know that you have converted me from going with MRI to Ski Properties BG.

От George , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.


“You are my Number 1,” as Eurovision winner Elena Paparizou would say! Thanks.

От Scott , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.

Hi Lina,

Just wanted to say a big thank you again for all your help when we were in Bansko recently. All we seemed to do was impose on you to sort our problems out.

We were both very grateful to you for making sure we got to the airport on time, and we’re very sorry we had to wake you in the middle of the night!

От Michelle & Steve , изпратено на 22 окт 2007 г.


Many thanks for ALL your help, you have been wonderful !

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